Products and services

Thermal resistance measuring service

Our Cool Enough Testing service is intended for machine, device and light fitting designers and manufacturers whose products contain power electronics that require air or liquid cooling.


The aim of the service is to find out how much heat the cooling element in question can transfer away from the electronic components. The testing is done to discover the cooling element’s thermal resistance value.

Cooling elements

Purso AluCool produce cooling elements that transfer heat away from electrical and electronic machines and devices that generate a great deal of waste heat.


The key characteristic of our cooling elements is that they achieve excellent heat transfer. This first-rate thermal dissipation is accomplished through a well-designed profile that is as tight-fitting as possible.

Other services

Our production capacity enables us to make various tailored solutions for different needs. We provide your tool parts, prototypes, machine and device machining, jigs and brackets and other production instruments quickly and cost-effectively. We can also deliver industrial accessory and assembly equipment, automation and robotisation tailored to your needs from design to installation.