First-class cooling elements

Purso AluCool produces cooling elements with superior heat transfer capabilities for device, machine and lighting manufacturers. Our high-quality elements ensure consistent cooling for high-power electronics components, resulting in flawless and uninterrupted device operation.

Purso AluCoolin työntekijä esittelee AluCool -jäähdytyselementtiä

Specialist in cool things

A cooling element for a machine, device or light fitting must be precisely designed to ensure faultless electronic performance in blisteringly hot or arctic cold conditions. Together with our corporate clients’ engineers, we develop the prototypes, test them and ensure their suitability and functionality.

Our global corporate clients never sleep and never stop. That’s why we make sure that we too keep up with all the latest developments. We switched from handwork to automation a long time ago and can deliver products to our contract customers within just one day from receiving their order. Our rate for notices of defects is almost zero, because our manufacture is based on self-monitoring by employees and their diverse professional skills. We stand proud as the guarantors of competitive product excellence for top manufacturers in the global market. If you’re interested in cool things give us a call.