Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

Purso AluCool Oy takes its responsibilities for protecting the privacy of its website visitors’ personal data very seriously. We comply with the Finnish Personal Data Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We only use personal data for managing customer and partner relationships and other customer-related activities, such as communications and facilitating communications.

Purso AluCool Oy
Business ID: FI09481226
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66440 Tervajoki

Name of personal data filing system
Purso AluCool’s customer data filing system.

The purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of this data filing system is to improve our services to our customers, support our marketing and facilitate communications. We use personal data only for managing our customer and partner relationships and for other customer activities, such as communications. If a user discloses information to us, we will only use it for the above-stated purposes.

Data to be filed


  • Name of company
  • Company’s email address
  • Company’s telephone number
  • Company’s address
  • Company’s business ID
  • Company’s line of business
  • Information about the services the company has ordered, their delivery and invoicing


  • Person’s name
  • Person’s professional title
  • Person’s email address
  • Person’s telephone number

Regular sources of information

Personal data is collected during the customer relationship and during the work performed in order to create the potential customer relationship. Data may also be collected from the Finnish Population Information System and other third-party filing systems. Data may also be collected in connection with trade shows and other marketing events.

Transferring data outside the EU/EEA
Data in Purso AluCool’s customer data filing system is never transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Disclosing personal data
Personal data is not disclosed.

Protecting the filing system
Purso AluCool Oy has a digital customer data filing system whose use is protected through user identification, passwords and access rights. Processors of customer data are always subject to the obligation of professional secrecy.

Right of access and correcting inaccuracies
Purso AluCool’s customers and partners have the right to check the data concerning themselves and to demand that inaccuracies are corrected. They also have the right to forbid the use of their data for marketing and advertising purposes and to protect any other rights they hold in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the GDPR. The data is checked and corrected on the person’s written and signed request, delivered either by post or email. Please send your request to the following address:

Purso AluCool Oy
Business ID: FI09481226
Vedenhaarontie 27
66440 Tervajoki