Purso AluCool – energy efficiency while saving the environment

Certified quality, ecological innovations and minimizing environmental impacts are key elements of our day-to-day operations. We have implemented responsibility measures, especially to increase energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. As a Finnish employer we also take responsibility for the well-being, safety, and comfort of our employees.

Certified environmental management system

We follow the principles of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certificates granted to us. The system guides us to set clear goals and measures for the continuous development of our environmental actions.

Environmental responsibility at Purso translates to continuous development that aims to minimize our environmental impact while implementing best practices.

Geothermal heat replaces fossil fuels

The oil heating of Purso AluCool’s factory property has been replaced with a geothermal heat system. The annual consumption of heating oil was approximately 80,000 liters, which roughly corresponds to 800,000 kilowatt hours of energy. With geothermal energy, the consumption and C02 emissions have dropped by up to 75%.

The current need for fuel oil is only about 4,000 liters for additional heating needs. Together with the electricity consumption of approx. 180,000 kWh, the energy consumption is now about 220,000 kWh.

Heat recovery saves energy

The ventilation of the factory property has been renewed to meet present day requirements. The heat recovery of the devices has reduced CO2 emissions caused by the air conditioning by about 75%. Thanks to the renovation, the factory hall has more air intake valves, heat distributes more evenly, and the working conditions are better. 

AluCool’s compressors also have heat recovery, thanks to which waste heat is utilized in the heating system. In addition, the condensing air from the compressors is led into the factory hall to heat the air.

Purso’s own LED luminaires increase safety

The entire factory is lit with SNEPÒ luminaires manufactured by Purso. LED luminaires are energy efficient starting from the production process, as they are made of recycled aluminium.

Optimized and controllable SNEPÒ luminaires not only save energy during use, but also increase work safety in accordance with recommendations and laws. Sufficiently bright, glare-free lighting increases work efficiency and comfort and prevents work accidents.

Recycling aluminium back into raw material

Aluminium is durable, energy efficient and a fully recyclable material. In Purso AluCool’s production process, the leftover profile clips and aluminium shaving are pressed into briquettes and recycled to Purso’s nearby smelter in Ikaalinen.

Scrap aluminium is recycled back into our production process by remelting. The CO2 emissions of recycled Purso Greenline aluminium are only a quarter of the carbon footprint of primary aluminium. Purso AluCool uses recycled aluminium for example in lamella solutions.

Minimizing hazardous waste with water purification

As the latest investment, Purso AluCool cleans the washing water of the products’ washing machines with evaporation equipment that utilizes negative pressure. The equipment that needs both heating and cooling energy utilizes the compressors’ waste heat and ground cold.

The purified washing water is suitable for drainage. The equipment has significantly reduced the amount of waste delivered to the hazardous waste disposal plants. The heat generated in the process is led back into the geothermal system, which contributes to improving the efficiency ratio of the system.

Using recycled aluminium can yield energy savings of up to 95% Recycled aluminium saves up to 95% in energy

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