Skiving technology

The requirements for cooling power are constantly getting higher while the size of the elements should be smaller and smaller. Our new skiving technology allows for a denser fin spacing and higher cooling power.

Skiving-teknologialla tehty AluCool-jäähdytyselementti

Smaller element, higher power

The new technology also introduces an extensive selection of fin strength, spacing and height options. The elements can also be designed with wavelike, slanted or disjointed shapes, for example. Skiving technology also allows a wider selection of raw materials – the cooling elements can now be made out of copper, for example.

  • For manufacturers of high-power electronics that require powerful cooling
  • For manufacturers of renewable energy devices, transformers, inverters, electronic vehicle charging stations or 5G base stations
  • For wholesale companies offering cooling profiles

Technical properties

Minimum width:50 mm
Maximum width:580 mm
Maximum height:120 mm
Maximum length:1,100 mm
Fin strength:0,3 – 1,2 mm
Materials:EN AW-1050
EN AW-1060
EN AW-1070

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