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We have delivered cooling profiles to our customers for nearly three decades, since 1993.
Purso AluCool is part of Purso Group. Purso designs and manufactures aluminium products and systems used all over, as part of the everyday lives of people and businesses.

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Purso AluCool is a leading contract supplier of cooling elements and a part of Purso Group. We manufacture cooling elements with superior heat transfer capabilities for high-power electronic products. Our elements ensure that the electronics components are cooled consistently and that the device itself keeps operating flawlessly. Our customers include both Finnish and global device, machine and lighting industry companies. From the get-go, we have focused on automating our production. Automation allows us to combine domestic production, agile deliveries from Finland and strict quality control.

We receive almost no customer complaints. This is due to our versatile, development-oriented and committed staff that gets genuinely excited about solving technical challenges and taking personal responsibility. Each product we ship is made by a member of our team – and we all stand by the quality of our work.

All this combined allows us to deliver our products as agreed and on time – sometimes even as quickly as the same day. It is therefore no wonder that our customers praise us for reliable deliveries and products that function perfectly. These two aspects also remain our focus areas going forward, as this makes the product development of our device, machine and lighting industry customers easier while improving both our productivity and that of our customers.

When you want to keep things cool, get in touch with us.

Purso AluCool is part of Purso Group

Purso designs and manufactures aluminium products and systems used all over, as part of the everyday lives of people and businesses. We create sustainable solutions for industrial use, building facades and lighting. Established over 60 years ago, Purso is a Finnish family-owned company that employs 550 professionals.

Purso Group

Purso’s story began in 1959 when chemical engineer Esko Ollila realised that there were no Finnish companies anodising long aluminium pieces. Anodising as a process and aluminium as a material were familiar to Ollila from clockfaces and pot lids, but the pioneer-in-the-making also saw the wider potential of the versatile material.

Esko Ollila concluded that there was a demand to be met and established an aluminium surface treatment facility in Siuro to conquer the market with no more than five employees. Soon, the operations were expanded to encompass aluminium extrusion, and the first extrusion line was commissioned in 1974.

Growth through solid expertise

Much has happened over the course of 60 years in the business. Purso currently employs nearly 300 professionals, and the internationally successful company’s output is present everywhere from the facades of important buildings to lighting arrangements.

Despite the necessity of taking risks, Purso has successfully weathered every storm over the years. The company has reached its position as a trusted partner and pioneer in the field through solid expertise and bold action: Purso’s philosophy is rooted in scientific precision and the core values of all family-owned companies – openness, collaboration and responsibility.

The best choice for a partner – today and tomorrow

With the increasing use of aluminium, Purso is well-positioned for growth. The amazing characteristics of aluminium, the opportunities provided by digitalisation and our first-rate expertise form an unbeatable combination. This guarantees that we will remain the best partner for our customers for decades to come.

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